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Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Openers

Garage doors will not operate well without the help of quality garage door openers that our notable company provides.

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Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs

Being an integral part of your door, garage door springs require expert care to ensure they aid in the overall functionality of your doors.

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Garage Door Maintenance

Garage Door Maintenance

Unlike the common impression, garage door maintenance is a set of complex processes that our professional technicians ably handle.

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Garage Door Repair Magna

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Welcome to our company Garage Door Repair Magna

Our diligent technicians are the crème of professionals in Utah and the services of garage door repair are the premier solution to your overhead door problems. We offer great garage door installation, excel in electric opener maintenance, and are here for you.

Some of the brands we provide service for: Genie, Liftmaster, Sears, Craftsman, Allister, Chamberlain, and more!
Address: W Magna Main St
Magna, Utah
Zip code: 84044
Phone: 801-923-6017

Hours of Operation:

We accept cash, credit cards, and checks.
Our technicians are fast and effective and that's why our garage door services are distinguished for their excellence

Above all things with value, Garage Door Repair Magna treasures safety the most. We love our work for many reasons and the most important one is that it gives us the chance to contribute to your garage safety. We have built this prestigious company with sweat and efforts trying to make it the top leader in Utah for the simple reason that we want the best for our customers. We surely want the best and since we are a premier garage door service provider, our job is to guarantee that all parts are fixed properly and doors installed flawlessly. These admirable services are the core of our business but certainly NOT the only things we do for you. Apart from offering full garage door services, we are also here to advise you, order new openers and other products for you answer any questions and provide valuable tips.

Garage Door Repair Services in Utah

We are here to talk to you today, tomorrow, and in the future. We like to talk to customers, who need a helping hand in making decisions or to solve some practical issues with their current garage door. We guide clients when they feel unease in their garage and need safety tips in order to know how to better handle unexpected situations. You are not just another client to us. You are the people, who have approached our Garage Door Repair Company in Magna and we value your concerns. In our safe hands you will receive remarkable support, the best services, and the full cooperation of our revered company.Garage Door Repair Magna, UT

When you hire our company, you should know that you basically hire:

*An emergency, full service garage door company, which is fully equipped and perfectly organized

*An experienced contractor that offers perfect installation, replacement, maintenance, and repair services

*Technicians with amazing knowledge of all garage systems and a great desire to share what they know and offer fast assistance

*Technicians with expertise and experience who work night and day with persistence, thoroughness, and stubbornness in order to solve all your problems as soon as possible

We promise superior services because we possess the right team, the unsurpassed infrastructure, and the professionalism required in this job. We know well that good service is the best solution to all problems. We don't ignore the fact that garage door parts will eventually wear despite our good work but this is inevitable. Garage doors are affected by the weather, their parts are made of steel and may eventually rust, can obtain damage by a simple car accident or a strong wind, and they all have a limited lifespan. We know these facts and many more about garage systems and their electric openers and do our work accordingly. Our adept team repairs all parts during maintenance but if we notice rusty parts, we suggest their replacement knowing there is no way back.

We are always thorough when at work, earnest, and wholly dedicated to serving you. The diligent technicians will advise you to keep the same door if there is no reason to replace it but will recommend the replacement of the garage door tracks if they are seriously damaged and cause significant problems. When parts are really worn and damaged and they are not replaced, you will keep having the same problems over and over again. We wouldn't want that for you! When we think of you, we don't think about our pocket but yours. Moreover, we think of your daily convenience and try to suggest the best ways to enjoy your garage system by investing in new opener accessories that will match your personal needs. Getting in the way of your convenience by not telling you the truth is the last thing we would ever do. We are honest even if you don't like our answer. Do you know why? The first thing we always consider is your safety. Our aim is to help you avoid accidents and safety problems.

* The first thing step is to provide good services. Whether you have specific problems and need immediate repairs or just want routine maintenance, our job will be fantastic. We are always thorough and arrive promptly for repairs. Any urgent problem encountered with the garage door is addressed by our spectacular team. We will be there to service your garage system and inspect every component, ensuring that everything works smoothly and perfectly. 

* We ensure the safety of our customers by replacing the damaged parts on time and properly. Rest assured that our technicians use exceptional and ideal tools in each occasion and pay attention to every detail in spite of their excellent knowledge.
* When there is need for new garage door repair parts, we order them for you as we will also order anything else you may require for your garage system. From repair parts to doors, windows, openers, clickers and accessories, all orders are made to the most reliable and premier manufacturers so that you receive only the highest quality service and products.
* When you purchase new electric garage door openers, we verify they are compliant with all regulations of UL 325 and confirm the safety sensors are installed properly, six inches above the floor, and the wall button is at least five feet high on the wall.
* When we arrive for maintenance and repairs, we never forget to check the reverse system and will be there in order to repair, adjust, and change the wiring of the photo eyes.

Everything we do is aimed at your total safety. Everything else comes next. We do want our customers to feel comfortable in their garage and have the foremost opener accessories in order to improve their lives. We retain expert personnel that assist you when you must make these choices. In a similar way, we listen to you when wish to change the door or its windows and apart from focusing on the technical parts, we give attention to their aesthetic value, since they play an enormous decorative role in everyone's home.

Therefore, we try to be of valued assistance so you make the best choice in terms of aesthetics but only in combination with the best technical features. If you live in a high moisture area and insist on getting natural wood, we inform you that wood will require extensive maintenance and most possibly rot earlier than anticipated. Matters related to convenience and aesthetics are important but not as important as safety issues. The truth is that most accessories today aim at reinforcing safety and security along with convenience and, this way, you gain three advantages in one feature. It is our duty to inform you about such things and what the priorities are in order to protect you from mistakes and accidents. That's why we are also here to answer every question you probably have about garage door safety and accidents and give you tips.
* Are you wondering why people are often involved in accidents? There is not only one reason which leads to accidents.

a. People get injured by putting their fingers in the door's joints

b. By attempting to fix garage door springs or remove bottom brackets

c. By standing under the door when the springs are not in good condition and the sensors don't work

d. By never maintaining their garage system

e. By letting children play with the remote controls, wall switches, and speeding under the door

Will you feel safer by knowing what to do when the reverse system doesn't work?

a. Keep the door closed till our technicians get there to fix the problem. If the door doesn't close and keeps reversing, keep the switch on the wall pressed continuously for a few seconds. This will override the reverse mechanism and the door will shut
b. Call our teams whatever the problem but check whether the lights of the sensors are both on. If they are not, something might be wrong with the wiring, the electric circuit, or the sensors. See if they come on if you slightly turn one of the sensors. They must look straight at one another
c. If everything seems fine, disconnect, and reconnect the opener. The problem should be fixed if there was a conflict or you have to wait for our technicians

In any instance, you obtain peace of mind because our wonderful technicians will arrive shortly. Our Garage Door Repair service provider in Magna is always fast and especially if the safety of our customers is at stake. We take care of everything and will always be the professionals who will care more and know what to do when you experience garage door problems. We are excellent professionals and prove that every day!

From broken spring replacement to opener motor fix, we do it all for our customers in zip code 84044. Our garage door repair services are effective and fast. Our company in Utah is also specialized in the provision of installation, replacement and maintenance.

Improve the Look of Your Garage Door

With the many options available, you are sure to be able to save money and get the doors that you want. You will be happy with the final results and neighbors will also be able to enjoy the look of your new garage door.

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Opener Battery Backup-Why It’s Necessary

The automatic openers we install at Garage Door Repair Magna are equipped with a battery backup.

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